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Red Stick Chilly

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24 Mantra Red Stick Chilly

24 Mantra Organic Red Stick Chilly Product Description :

Red stick chilies are less spicy than the regular chilies and also are thicker. These chilies are as analgesic agent and help in controlling pain in patients of arthritis and diabetic neuropathy. It is also known to cure headaches. Eating raw chilies can generate a sensation of both pain and fear which is also enjoyed by many people. Red chilies are rich in provitamin a or carotene and vitamic C. Red stick chilies are also used for pickling and have a long shelf life. Red stick are more or less grounded into powder form and then used in food as a spice.

24 Mantra Organic Red Stick Chilly - It helps to curing headache and diabetic neuropathy.