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Health Mix

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Aachi Masala Health Mix

Details of Aachi Health Mix:

Aachi Health Mix is a complete nutritional health supplement for all age groups which is purely natural, balancing the nutritional requirements of the body.

Aachi Health Mix

How to use Aachi Health Mix:

Take a glass of milk (200ml). Mix 1 tablespoon of Aachi health mix, heat to make porridge and serve hot with required quantity of sugar. Alternatively, take a tablespoon of Aachi health mix and mix into a glass of water, boil it to make a thick porridge, add required quantity of buttermilk, salt and serve it chilled. Aachi health mix is an ideal nutritious food. 

Ingredients of Aachi Health Mix:

Pearl millet, Finger millet, Sorghum, Parboiled rice, Maize, Wheat, Whole green gram, Soybean, Groundnut, Cashewnut, Almond, Sago and Cardamom.