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Aachi Masala Vermicelli

Details of Aachi Vermicelli :

Prepare a host of dishes with Aachi Vermicelli or Semiya or Shavige as known in the South or Sevaiyyan in the North India. Explore a preparation range of delicacy options with Aachi Vermicelli like Vermicelli Upma, Vegetable Vermicelli Noodles or a heart-melting sweet pudding, Kheer. The soft and cream colored vermicelli from the Aachi brand is prepared through a stringent process to ensure its quality and taste. So either slurp it slowly and relish the moments or gobble it up fast to satisfy your hunger buds. AACHI GROUP was founded in 1995 by Mr A.D.Padmasingh Isaac, a first generation entrepreneur with a graduate degree in Business Administration and hailing from Nazareth in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu. Aachi is a Tamil word used to address women with respect and thus the name has been derived from that to justify its tagline - The Mother of all tastes. In the due course of time, Aachi has made a root for itself in the market through their quality endeavours in the making of the spices.