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A31 Warts Drops

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Allen A31 Warts Drops

Allen A31 Warts Drops

Allen A31 Warts Drops

Description of Allen A31 Warts Drops:
Allen A31 Warts Drop acts as an antiseptic disinfectant. The drops treat all kinds of warts, corns and horny skin eruptions.

Benefits of Allen A31 Warts Drops:
Effective for treating all kinds of warts, common warts, plantar warts, flat warts, filiform warts, periungual warts
Treats corns
Provides relief in warts on the anus, thumb, sides of the fingers and left index finger, warts in crops, warts on the genitals and anal surface
Treats warts on lips, hard with cracks, sometimes emitting a fetid fluid
Also treat warts on genitals, soles, palms and neck, finger tips and right index finger, on the face, eyelids and nose.

How to use Allen A31 Warts Drops:
8 to 10 drops in half cup of water, 3 times in a day or as directed by the physician.

Ingredients of Allen A31 Warts Drops:
Thuja occidentalis
Acidum nitricum
Acidum boracicum
Antimonium Cruduma