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A59 Tumour Drops

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Allen A59 Tumour Drops

Allen A59 Tumour Drops

Allen A59 Tumour Drops

Description of Allen A59 Tumour Drops:
Allen A59 Tumour Drop helps in treating malignant and benign tumours, tuberculous ulcerations, glandular swellings and cyst.

Benefits of Allen A59 Tumour Drops:
Treats benign, pre-malignant, malignanttumors, myomae, uterine carcinomas, epithelial, ovarian tumours and scirrhous tumors
Also treats accumulation or mass, lump or swelling like a collection of fluid
Provides help in enlarged glands, swelling and induction of glands
Treats dissipation of breast tumours, sarcoma in neck, fatty tumours
Cures tonsils, cervical and prostate
Treats inflammatory conditions of skin, tumours, dry, dark scab or falling away of dead skin, serum producing skin, mucous membranes and muscles
Provides relief in ovarian affections

How to use Allen A59 Tumour Drops:
Take 8 to 10 drops in half cup of water, 3 times in a day before meals or as directed by the physician.

Ingredients of Allen A59 Tumour Drops:
Scrophularia nodosa1x
Barytacarbonica 3x
Najatripudians 30