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Laxocid Tablets

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Allen Laxocid Tablets

Allen Laxocid Tablets

Allen Laxocid Tablets

Description of Allen Laxocid Tablets:
Regulates bowel habits. Relieves constipation and associated complaints of bloated sensation, flatulence, abdominal pain and straining during defecation.

Dosage of Allen Laxocid Tablets:
Take 3 Tablets before bed time.

Ingredients of Allen Laxocid Tablets:
Croton Tiglium: Very helpful in chronic constipation and indigestion related problems.
Alumina: Useful in constipation due to insufficient secretion of mucus in the stomach.
Senna: Relieves constipation with gas.
Argentum Nitricum: Useful in constipation caused by overuse of laxatives.
Magnesia Carbonica: Effectively works as a purgative medicine.