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jamun Seed Powder

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Arya Farm jamun Seed Powder


Arya Farm Jamun Seed Powder Product Description :


Arya farm Jamun Seed Powder made from jamun is associated with many health and medicinal benefits.  It has been mentioned in Ayurveda that Jambolan, the fruit from which it is derived, is one of the greatest fruits ever.

Jamun seed powder has blood sugar supporting properties. It is good for digestive system because of its coolant features. Since it has astringent properties, it helps to prevents acne, blemishes, wrinkles and pimples. Containing vitamin C the powder is beneficial for fair skin complexion. It is also good for blood due to more amount of iron. With the presence of vitamin C and iron, it increases the hemoglobin count. The iron content acts as blood purifying agent.

Two grams of this powder will reduce polyuria of any cause. Also one gram per day will help to reduce irritable bowel syndrome. Seeds decoction with honey prevents thirst and fatigue due to physical strain. Diabetic patients can take one tea spoon of the Truu Jamun Seed Powder on an empty stomach early morning. It is also helpful in the curing of the mouth ulcers.

Arya farm Jamun Seed Powder - Controls the blood sugar levels