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Vedic Repair Anti-Pigmentation Natural Night Cream

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Auravedic Vedic Repair Anti-Pigmentation Natural Night Cream

Auravedic Vedic Repair ANTI-PIGMENTATION Natural Night Cream,Reduces Hyperpigmentation, Deep Hydration, plant nutrient concentrate, reduces fine lines, Paraben Free

WHAT IT IS : A two-in-one, overnight moisturizer and pigmentation treatment cream derived with natural extracts of Marigold, Sage ,Vitamin E and more.
HOW IT WORKS : As the body rests, this moisturising wonder helps in regenerating fresh new cells. New Cells give skin a fresher and smoother appearance. Natural actives work to help lighten spots and patches. Maintains the moisture and hydration level for improved skin texture. Builds the skin’s natural barrier to defend against free radicals.
HIGHLIGHTED INGREDIENTS : MARIGOLD: Enhances skin tone and colour SAGE: Makes skin even toned Wild TURMERIC: Visibly lightens dark spots and protects from sun damage AVOCADO: Rich in fatty acids they help fade spots and blemishes VITAMIN E OIL : Provides nourishment and vitamins to cells to improve their health.
SKIN TYPE : Normal, Dry, Combination, and Oily. SKINCARE CONCERNS : Pigmentation and Uneven Skin Tone and Dull Dry Skin
HOW TO USE : Cleanse face and moisturise face with the Vedic Repair Night Cream. Leave on. Wash face in the morning with plain water.