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Kulathadi Kashayam

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AVN Kulathadi Kashayam

Description:Kulathadi Kashayam is an Ayurvedic medicine used to induce menstruation in women in cases of secondary amenorrhoea and cryptomenorrhoea. This medicine is based on Kerala Ayurveda principle.

Kulathadi kashaya benefits:

  • It is used to induce menstrual flow in cases of amenorrhoea, cryptomenorrhoea.
  • For women with low menstrual flow, this product is suggested to take during periods.
  • For women who get periods very lately (once in 45 days, etc), it is suggested to take throughout the month in low dose.
  • It is useful in Gulma (Abdominal colic pain due to distention and tumor)

Doctors also prescribe this for the treatment of

  • Constipation and bloating
  • High cholesterol levels, correcting lipid profiles

Kulathadi kashayam Side effects:

  1. A high dose of this medicine may lead to excessive menstrual bleeding.
  2. This medicine should be taken under strict medical supervision.

During pregnancy:
This product is to be avoided during pregnancy as it increases body temperature and increases chances of uterine bleeding.

While trying for pregnancy:
This product can be taken while trying for pregnancy. It is used by AYurveda practitioners in conditions like PCOS, delayed periods, scanty periods etc.Once after

Kulathadi kashayam dosage:
5 10 ml, before food, or on empty stomach, once or twice a day or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.
If the kashayam is concentrated, then it needs to be mixed with equal quantity of water and should be taken.

Kantabhasma or Chavarkaram orSukumaragritham.

Kulathadi kashayam ingredients:
Herbal decoction is prepared from 10 grams of each of
Kulatha Horse gram Dolichos biflorus
Lashuna Garlic Alium cepa
Eranda Ricinus communis
Tila Sesame seed Sesamum indicum