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AVP Amrutharishtam

Amritarishtam is also known as Amrutarishta,amritarista.

Its use: It is one of the widely used medicine in the treatment of fever, and improves immunity. Also in case of rheumatic fevers.

Amrutarishta ingredients:

Amrita (Giloya Indian tinospora) Stem 4.8 kg

Bilva (Bae l- Aegle marmelos) Stem bark / root 480 g

Shyonaka (Oroxylum indicum) Stem bark / root 480 g

Gambhari (Gmelina arborea) Stem bark / root 480 g

Patala (Stereospermum suaveolens) Stem bark / root 480 g

Agnimantha (Premna mucronata) Stem bark / root 480 g

Shalaparni (Desmodium gangeticum) Root / whole plant 480 g

Prishnaparni (Uraria picta) Root / whole plant 480 g

Brihati (Solanum melongena var. Indicum) Root / whole plant 480 g

Kantakari (Solanum surattense) Root / whole plant 480 g

Gokshura Tribulus terrestris -Root / whole plant 480 g

water for decoction 49.152 liters

Boiled and reduced to 12.288 liters

Guda Jaggery 14.4 kg

Prakshepa Dravya

Ajaji Shweta Jiraka Cuminum cyminum Fruit 768 g

Raktapushpaka Parpataka (Fumaria parviflora) whole plant 96 g

Saptacchada (Saptaparna) Alstonia scholaris Stem bark 48 g

Shunti Ginger rhizome 48 g

Maricha Black pepper -Fruit 48 g

Pippali Long pepper fruit 48 g

Nagakeshara (Mesua ferrea) Stamen 48 g

Abda Musta (Cyperus rotundus) 48 g

Katuki (Picrorrhriza kurroa) Rhizome 48 g

Prativisha Ativisha (Aconitum heterophyllum) -Root 48 g

Vatsabeeja Indrayava (Holarrhena antidysenterica) Seed 48 g


Bhaishaj Ratnavali Jvaradhikara .

Safe in lower doses, for kids above 3 years of age.

Over-dosage should be strictly avoided.

Pregnancy and lactation:

Best to avoid during pregnancy, however can be taken after consulting.


12 24 ml. one or two times a day, usually advised after food.

If needed, equal quantity of water can be added before consumption.

Side effects: A very high dose of 50 ml/dose or more may cause stomach irritation.

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