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Muscle Tone

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AVP Muscle Tone

Description:Muscle tone is the slight constant tension of healthy muscles and contributes a slight resistance to the passive displacement of a limb. ... The primary purpose of muscle tone is to keep the muscles primed and ready for action to maintain posture, balance and equilibrium.

AVP Muscle TonePack size: 100ml

Indications:Brest Enlargement


  • Nijazhal Poova, Calicarpa macrophylla, 2.466
  • Vayambu, Acrous Calamus, 2.466
  • Kadukurohini, Picrohiza Kurroa, 2.466
  • Mukkutti, Biophytum sensitivum, 2.466
  • Varattu Mnajal, Curcuma Longa, 2.466
  • Neyyu, Cows Ghee, 50ml
  • Paal, Cows Milk, 100ml
  • Nallenna, sesame Oil, 50ml


  • A special massage oil used as an external application in undersized, underdeveloped and sagging breasts.
  • It is especially useful in post natal mothers.
  • For external application by massage or as directed by the physician