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Reprost Capsule

Brand: Ayulabs ( View List )
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Ayulabs Reprost Capsule

Ayulabs Reprost Capsule

Ayulabs Reprost Capsule

Description of Ayulabs Reprost Capsule :

Reduces Prostatic Congestion

Benefits of Ayulabs Reprost Capsules :

  • Strengthens Genito-Urinary Tract & its relates Detrussor muscles.
  • Relieves Urinary urgency; Frequency & Straining.
  • Prevents complications like Cystitis; Pyelonephritis & Uremia.
  • Reduces Inflammation in narrowed urethra.

Reprost capsule normalizes the enlargement of prostate ( Hypertrophy ). Reprost reverses complications of prostatic troubles, removes urinary tract congestion. Relieves dysuria and normalizes urination. Reprost averts the danger of uraemia and anuria, strengthens genitor-urinary tract, increases unirany bladder tome and prevents secondary complications like cystitis, pyelonephritis etc. By reducing the prostate enlargement it averts catheterization and surgical intervention. It cats as a urinary antiseptic and exerts mild diuretic action. For benign prostate hypertrophy Reprost is the drug of choice.

Indications for use of Ayulabs Reprost Capsules :

Benign Prostate Hypertrophy ( BPH ), uraemia, and anuria, prostatis.

Dosage of Ayulabs Reprost Capsules :

Two capsules three times a day for five days followed by one cap.
Three times a day for one month.
To prevent recurrence, maintenance dose of One cap. Daily to be given for three months

Ayulabs Reprost Capsule - Reduces Prostatic Congestion & Urinary Obstruction.

Composition of Ayulabs Reprost Capsule :
Each 500 mg. Ayulabs Reprost Capsules contains :

Jivitpradavati : 100 mg.
Ext. of Dashmool : 100 mg.
Ext. of Gokshuru ( Tribulus terrestris ) : 50 mg.
Ext. of punarnava ( Boerhaavia diffusa ) : 50 mg.
Ext. of Ushir ( Andropogon mauricatus ) : 50mg.
Kankol ( Piper cubeba) :50 mg.
Suddha Shilajit : 40 mg.
Chandan ( Santalum album ) : 40 mg.
Bang Bhasma : 20 mg.