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Soubhagysunthi Pak 100g

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Baidyanath Soubhagysunthi Pak 100g

Baidhyanath Soubhagysunthi Pak 100g

Baidyanath Jhansi Saubhagya Sunthi Pak is an ayurvedic medicine. The main ingredient of this medicine is Shunthi or dry ginger powder. This medicine is a tonic that increases power, improves strength and longevity. Saubhagya Sunthi Pak improves digestive strength. The intake of both saubhagya sunthi Paka and Dashmoolarishta after child-birth helps to restore the body back to normal.
Key Benefits:
Baidyanath Saubhagya Sunthi Pak is useful for persistent weakness and weakness in women after delivery or childbirth, post-delivery health supplement
Saubhagya Sunthi Pak deals with all gynaecological disorders and helps to maintain health
It supports the normal involution of the uterus and improves milk production
Directions For Use:
Use as directed by the physician.