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Swarna Parpati (S Y) 1g

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Baidyanath Swarna Parpati (S Y) 1g

Baidhyanath Swarna Parpati (S Y) 1g

Swarna parpati is Ayurvedic medicine prepared using swarn bhasma. It is nutritive tonic which nourishes body and mind, and has antiseptic, alterative, antacid properties. This medicine is tridoshnask, rasayan and useful in treating ulcerative colitis, dysentery, diarrhoea, prameh, general weakness and memory loss.

Ingredients Of Swarna Parpati:

  • Shudh (purified) Parad
  • Shudh Gandhak
  • Swarn bhasma

Uses Of Swarna Parpati:
Sapt dhatu varhak
Improves digestive enzymes flow, Rasayan
Sangrahni (Sprue)
Intestinal tuberculosis
Pandu (Anemia)
General debility
Memory loss

Dosage Of Swarna Parpati:

  • 125 mg 250 mg once or twice a day before or after food or as directed by Ayurvedic doctor.
  • It is traditionally administered along with honey, ginger and fried cumin seeds.

Side Effects Of Swarna Parpati:

  1. This medicine should only be taken under strict medical supervision.
  2. Self medication with this medicine may prove to be dangerous.
  3. It is to be avoided in children and pregnant and lactating mothers.
  4. Over-dosage may cause many poisonous side effects.
  5. Take this medicine in precise dose and for limited period of time, as advised by doctor.
  6. Keep out of reach and sight of children.
  7. Store in a dry cool place.