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Dugdha Bati (Soth)

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Baidyanath Dugdha Bati (Soth)

Baidyanath Dugdha Bati (Soth) 20 Tabs

Dugdha Vati Ingredients, Uses, and Dosage
Dugdha Vati is an ayurvedic medicinal preparation in the form of vati/pill. It is used in treating inflammatory conditions, edema, anemia, jaundice, etc…This medicine has to be used carefully as it contains visha dravyas (poisonous substances).

Ingredients of Dugdha Vati
Shodita Amruta/Vatsanabha (purified Aconitum Ferox) 1 part
Shodita Dhattura Beeja (purified seeds of Dhattura metal) 1 part
Shodita Hingula (purified Cinnabar) 1 part

Preparation of Dugdha Vati
All the above-said ingredients are taken in the specified quantity after purifying them as mentioned in texts. Then the ingredients are taken in khalwa (grinding stone) and triturated well to become a homogeneous mixture. To the mixture of powder fresh juice of dhatura leaves are added and triturated until it attains the desired consistency.