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Sanjivani Vati

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Baidyanath Sanjivani Vati

Baidyanath Sanjivani Vati 40 Tabs

One of India's most respected Companies, Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan (p) Ltd. (Kolkata), popularly known as Baidyanath, is the acknowledged leader of Ayurvedic know-how. Established in 1917, the Company has played a pioneering role in re-establishing ancient knowledge with modern research and manufacturing techniques.
Ayurveda is a 5000 year old Science of health care and herbal treatment. Ayurveda, is highly effective in common and complicated ailments, assures long term relief and has no side effects. Ayurveda is now backed by modern scientific research and technologies and provides its gentle healing touch to millions around the world.
Sanjivani Vati is polyherbal Ayurvedic medicine. This ayurvedic medicine is used in various different ailments such as common cold, cough indigestion, stomach ache, worm infestation etc. In Sanjiwani vati Triphala is present along with seven other herbs which have Vaat and Pitta pacifying properties. Triphala and ginger are well known herbs beneficial for digestive system. These herbs help to remove body toxins. Also Vacha, pippali, Shunthi, Bhallatak has causes sweating in body which helps this medicine to cure fever.
Sanjivani works by lowering the amount of liver and pancreas thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances; decreasing the blood glucose, serum total cholesterol, and triglycerides, and increasing the high density lipoproteins-cholesterol levels; inhibiting prostaglandin and leukotriene synthesis; possessing the activities due to the presence of piperine, piperlongumine, sylvatin, sesamin, diaeudesmin piperlonguminine, pipermonaline, and piperundecalidine constituents; blocking the T- lymphocyte-mediated cytotoxicity; increasing the gastric emptying time; increasing the humoral antibody production; possessing the hypolipidemic, hypoglycemic effects; possessing the strong inhibitory activity on pancreatic lipase; suppression of absorption mediated by gallic acid; enhancing the immunity; acting against the bacterial infections; supporting the cardiovascular system; strengthening the nervous system; inhibiting the growth of bacteria; controlling the release of insulin; clearing the airways; scavenging the free radicals; promoting insulin secretion and also by inhibiting gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis; stimulating the growth of bone forming cells; decreasing the resistance of HIV Virus; decreasing the serum transaminase levels; activating the activity of lipoprotein lipase; lowering the carrageenan-induced paw edema and cotton pellet granuloma; possessing the antioxidant activity; lowering the number of spermatogenic cells and spermatozoa; treating the various ailments; showing antimicrobial activity due to the presence of aforesaid components; treating the various ailments;

How to use Baidyanath Sanjivani Vati:

Tablet once or twice a day is traditionally the dose to treat digestive problems.
Tablet once or twice a day is traditionally the dose to treat gastro enteritis
Tablet once or twice a day is traditionally the dose to treat snake bite
Tablet once or twice a day is traditionally the dose to treat chronic fever.
It is traditionally advised along with fresh ginger juice and water.

Ingredients of Baidyanath Sanjivani Vati:

Embelia ribes (Vaividanga, Zingiber officinale (Sunthi)
Piper longum (Chhoti pippali)
Terminalia chebula(Haritali)
Terminalia belerica (Bibhitaki)
Emblica officinalis (Amalaki)
Acorus calamu (Vach)
Tinospora cordifolia(Gioly,Purified Semecarpus anacardium (Shuddh bhilava)
Aconitum ferox (Shuddh Vatsnabh)
Cow Urine (Shuddh Gomutra)