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Baidyanath Surakta

Baidyanath Surakta Product Description : Toxins in the blood cause pimple and acne. While lotions and cream act just on the surface of the skin, Baidyanath Surakta cleanses the blood and eliminates the root cause of skin blemishes. Armed with a battery of highly potent ayurvedic herbs and roots like Anantmool, Ashok Chall, Haritai, Giloy, Manjishta, Neemchaal, Daru Haeidra and Haridra. Surakta serves as an alterative, tonic and blood purifier. Surakta tones up the liver and eliminates constipation, there by preventing the formation of Ama (mucus), one of the main causes of blood impurity. This in turn improves blood circulation, giving a new glow to the skin. Therapatic uses for Baidyanath Surakta : Alterative tonic & bloodpurifier Effective inscabies Boil acne and other skin diseases Tones up liver function Removes constipation Prevents formation of parna Improves blood circulation thus useful for improving complexion. Baidyanath Surakta Dosage : 1 to 2 teaspoon full twice a day or according to physician. Baidyanath Herbal Product - Baidyanath The Most Trusted Name in Ayurveda Since 1918. Your Health is in Reliable Hands Baidyanath Surakta Syrup - Alterative tonic & bloodpurifier.