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Tamra Sindoor

Brand: Baidyanath ( View List )
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Baidyanath Tamra Sindoor

Baidyanath Tamra Sindoor

Baidyanath Tamra Sindoor

Description of Baidyanath Tamra Sindoor:
Tamra Sindoor is an Ayurvedic formulation of inorganic origin. It is a Kupipakwa Rasayana containing mercury, sulphur and copper. Here Kupipakwa denotes the special method of Ayurvedic medicine preparation involving medicine processing inside a Kupi or glass bottle. Kupi-pakwa rasayana preparation is very complex and require meticulous precision. Tamra Sindura contains only minerals/metals and has no herbal ingredient. This medicine is hot in potency and must be taken under medical supervision only.

Benefits of Baidyanath Tamra Sindoor:
Tamra Sindoor is combination of mercury-sulphur with copper. It is hot in potency. It works effectively on diseases that are caused due to vitiation of blood and diseases of liver and spleen.
This medicine is indicated in diseases of liver, spleen, hyperacidity, epilepsy etc. Its use decreases enlarged liver-spleen. It regulates the proper discharge of bile and cure chronic digestive impairment.
This medicine gives strength to muscles, nerves, stomach and intestine. Tamra Sindur gives relief in intestinal discomfort.
Tamra Sindur shows beneficial effect in Haija or Cholera, Coughing due to vitiation of vata, vomiting, extreme pain in menstruation, and epilepsy.

Dosage of Baidyanath Tamra Sindoor:
The recommended dosage of Tamra Sindoor as given in Ayurvedic text is 125mg-250mg,twice a day with honey,Paan leaves juice (Piper betle) or Tulsi leaves juice.
Take as directed by physician.

Ingredients of Baidyanath Tamra Sindoor:
Shuddha Tamra wires
Shuddha Gandhak
Shuddha Para