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Pharma Kapha Tea

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Good Care Pharma Kapha Tea

Good Care Pharma Kapha Tea

Good Care Pharma - Herbal Teas - Kapha Tea product Description:

A delicious spice tea for balancing kapha. It contains Mulethi, Tulsi, Vasak, Sonth , Elaichi.

Mulethi - When chewed or sucked it increases saliva secretion and hence is used as a throat emolliant. It is a good demulcent and expectorant. It is given in inflammatory Condition of throat, cattarah, cough, and hoarsencess of voice. It stimulates mucus membrane specially of the respiratory passage.

Vasak - It is beneficial in asthama, cough and cold, chronic bronchitis, and otyher chest diseases. It is used as an antipasmodic and as an expectorant and alternative.

Sonth - It is beneficial in diseases of throat, It has property to enhance saliva secretion and used in bronchial disorders as well to relive spasmodic pain and acts as an appetizer.

Elaichi - It is used in cough and dysponea ( asthama and other respiratory disorders ). It is also used as a mouth freshner.

Kapha tea is invigorating. Drink kapha tea when :

  • Feeling lethargic
  • Wants to reduce excess weight.
  • Digestion is poor
  • Weather is wet and cold
  • Your body is Kapha type.

Good Care Pharma - Herbal Teas - Kapha Tea - A delicate mixture of authentic ayurvedic herbs for balancing pitta. It contains - chandan,(safed and lal), Khus, Arjun, and Sonth.

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