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Mixed Fruit Jam

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24 Mantra Mixed Fruit Jam

24 Mantra Organic Mixed Fruit Jam Product Description :

Enjoy the jam as a leisure food, spread them on toasts, breads and rotis. It can also be used to give a twisty taste to the dosas and puris. It is a blend of whole fruit pieces as well as the fresh fruit pulp for a more natural taste.

  • Reduce risk of stroke, heart attack and all other potential cardiovascular diseases.
  • Lower our blood pressure.
  • Improve the health of hair, skin and finger nails.
  • Reduce the risk of kidney stones.
  • Decrease bone loss.
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Reduce constipation and diverticulosis.
  • Promote healthy growth and repair of all tissues.
  • Keep teeth and gums healthy.

24 Mantra Organic Mixed Fruit Jam - Improve healthy hair and reduce bad cholesterol.