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Amroid Tablet

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Aimil Amroid Tablet

Aimil Amroid Tablet

Details of Aimil Amroid Tablet :

Aimil Amroid Tablet is comprehensive dual therapy that fulfils all objectives of Ist & IInd degree haemorrhoid management, acts by effectively healing & preventing recurrence comprehensively. Amroid dual therapy acts systematically ( Tablets ) as well as locally ( Ointment ). Amroid ( ointment & tablets ) are enriched with the unique benefits of vital herbs which make it a highly effective and dually beneficial therapy for haemorrohoids ( piles ). Amroid dual therapy not only stops the bleeding but also reduces symptoms like pain, itching and discharge significantly.

USP’S of Aimil Amroid Tablet :

  • Provides complete and comprehensive management in 1st and 2nd degree piles
  • A supportive therapy in 3 and 4 degree piles
  • An adjunct therapy for pre and post-operative management
  • Helps prevents recurrence in post-operative cases, regulates bowel movement

Dosage of Aimil Amroid Tablet :

  • Two tablets thrice a day.

Safty of Aimil Amroid Tablet :

  • No adverse/toxic effects have ever been observed on short term/long term usage of product, in therapeutically recommended dosage.