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lightening Polish Facial Scrub

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Auravedic lightening Polish Facial Scrub

Auravedic lightening Polish Facial Scrub

Gentle natural scrub for dark spots: Natural extracts of turmeric is ideal for pigmentation and lightening the skin
Removes dead skin : gentle exfoliation removes dead skin to reveal new healthy skin without spots
Heals sun damaged skin : sandalwood and saffron heal skin and protect from further damage
Maintains even skin tone : quality of skin is improved and maintained as this polish retextures skin and promotes cell renewal
Suitable for all skin types : specially formulated for pigmentation & dark spots, this gentle polish can be used on the face, neck and body at least once or twice a week as a beauty regime. Use on moist face and wipe off gently after 10 to 15 minutes
Package Contents: 1 Skin Lightening Polish Sandalwood & Turmeric