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Nalpamaradi Tailam for Face and Skin - Pure Natural Skin

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Auravedic Nalpamaradi Tailam for Face and Skin - Pure Natural Skin

Auravedic Nalpamaradi Tailam for Face and Skin - Pure Natural Skin Brightening for Women and Men - Hydrates Brightens Protects

Nalpamaradi thailam is a holistic and ideal oil for ultimate skin brightening. It is a complete face and body treatment for bright and illuminated skin. Long term benefits of this natural oil include fresh skin and an overall brighter complexion without any side effects.
This non greasy and non-sticky nalpamaradi oil blended with skin brightening ingredients like Indian fig tree, bodhi tree, oudh, chandan, Indian madder and vetiver is your one stop solution to glowing skin.
Indian madder ( manjistha) works on elevating the condition of the skin tone to give it a natural radiance. Chandan ( sandalwood ) is a versatile ingredient that reduces dull spots and gives skin a healthy shine. Oudh ( agarwood) helps to cleanse and nourish skin, making it useful in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions such as dark spots, aging and dullness.
Keeps skin bright all day after use at night or in the morning. Repairs skin of fine lines and lightens dark spots and discoloration of skin. Supports natural collagen and boosts new skin cells to enhance the skin's luminosity..
Free of parabens and chemicals, nalpamaradi thailam is a natural way to improve your skin texture and make your skin radiant. Suitable for all skin types. How to use : massage a few drops of oil on clean face and leave on for the day or wipe clean with wet cotton after 1 hour. Can be used day or night. Works great even as a body massage oil for smooth glowing skin. Use daily for ultimate brightening.