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Anthrakutaram Gulika (Small)

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AVP Anthrakutaram Gulika (Small)

Anthrakutharam Gulika is herbal tablet formulation.Antra means intestine.

Its usage:

  1. In treating constipation, bloating of abdomen.
  2. Other intestinal complaints.


  • 1-2tabs once or twice with jaggery, hot water or as directed by the doctor.

Effect on Tridosha Balances Vata at the level of intestines.

Anthrakutharam Gulika Ingredients:

Hingula Herbal processed Cinnabar

Abhaya Terminalia chebula

Hingu Asa foetida

Saindhava Lavana Rock salt

Tankana Purified borax

Vacha Acorus calamus

Yavakshara Kshara of Hordeum vulgare

Kuberaksha beeja Caesalpinia crista

Lashuna Garlic Alium sativum

Jayapala Purified Croton tiglium

Juice of Nirgundi Vitex negundo

Reference: Sahasrayoga.

  • It contains another ingredient called Yava kshara Men seeking treatment for oligospermia should take precaution while taking this medicine. Because the medicines containing Kshara ingredient causes depletion in sperm quantity and quality.