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Manibhadra Lehyam

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AVP Manibhadra Lehyam

AVP Manibhadra Lehyam

Description:Manibhadra Guda is an effective Ayurvedic medicine. It is available in herbal jam or paste form. It is also known as manibhadra Gulam or Manibhadra Gud or Manibhadra leham. Guda refers to jaggery. This medicine is prepared in jaggery base.

Manibhadra Guda uses:

  • It is used in the treatment of skin diseases, leucoderma, boils, itches, scabies, bronchitis, cough,
  • asthma, piles, intestinal worms, spleen related diseases.
  • It regulates bowel movements.

Manibhadra Guda dose:
5 10 grams once or two times a day before or after food, as advised by Ayurvedic doctor.
Dosage for children below 5 years of age 1 2 grams, once or twice a day, along with a teaspoon of honey or warm water / milk.
Dosage for children between 5 12 years of age 5 grams once or twice a day along with a teaspoon of honey or warm water / milk.

Manibhadra Guda side effects:

  1. Overdose may lead to purgation.
  2. Special care is needed when it is administered to diabetics and children.
  3. Usually not advised for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Manibhadra Guda ingredients:
Vidanga Embelia ribes 48 grams
Amla Emblica officinalis 48 grams
Haritaki Terminalia chebula 48 grams
Trivrit Operculina turpethum 144 g
Jaggery 576 g

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacturing. Once the bottle is opened, it is best to finish it within 4 5 months of time.