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Pause Capsule

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20 Caps (2 * 10 Caps)
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Ayulabs Pause Capsule

Ayulabs Pause Capsule

Ayulabs Pause Capsule - 20 Caps (2 * 10 Caps)

Ayulabs Pause Capsule Product Description : Amenorrhoea and oligomenorrhoea

Restores Natural Rhythm - Secondary amenorrhoea, oligomenorrhoea

Benefits of using Ayulabs Pause Capsule :

  • Normalises the secrection of oestrogen and progesteron in primary and secondary amenorrhoea.
  • Pause Capsule Reduces pelvic discomfort and mild pain.
  • Pause Capsule Provides effective emmenagogue action.
  • Ayulabs Pause Capsule Promotes normal menstrual flow.
  • Free from hormonal side effects

Pause capsule is a well thought formula to regulate the menstrual cycle. Pause capsule is the drug of choice for women suffering from oligomenorrhoea, primary abd secondary amenorrhoea. In modern days the “Missing days” in married women create tension and anxiety. Pause capsule regulates the menstrual cycle and if there is no conception, it initiates menstruation and regulates the cycle . In unmarried females Pause capsule corrects primary amenorrhoea and irregular menstrual cycles. Pause capsule has time measured action.

Pause capsule exerts smooth emmenagogue action and acts directly on uterine musculature. Pause capsule corrects amenorrhoea relieves abdominal discomfort and distension. Unlike hormone treatment it is safe and does not disturb ovulation.

Indications for use of Ayulabs Pause Capsule :

Oligomenorrhoea, primary and secondary amenorrhoea, irregular periods.

Dosage of Ayulabs Pause Capsule :

In primary amenorrhoea 2 t.d.s. for two days and to be repeated after 10 days till menstrual flow starts. In secondary amenorrhoea, two capsules three times a day to be followed with two capsules b.i.d.

Ayulabs Pause Capsule Contra-indicated :

During pregnancy, please avoid the treatment.

Ayulabs Pause Capsule - Time Measured Action in Menstrual Dysharmony