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Marichyadi Bati 40 Tabs

Brand: Baidyanath ( View List )
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40 Tabs
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Baidyanath Marichyadi Bati 40 Tabs

Baidyanath Marichyadi Bati 40 Tabs

Baidyanath Marichyadi Bati : Its a traditional ayurvedic preparation that bolsters the immune system thereby providing extra protection during cold, cough, & flu season.Effective in all types of cough. Indicated in tonsillitis, cough, & cold.
How to use Baidyanath Marichyadi Bati :

1 tab to be chewed six times a day. With madhu or sugar.

Ingredients Of Baidyanath Marichyadi Bati :

Proprietary Herbal Blend 375 mg. Piper nigum, Ficus religiosa, Piper Longam, Punica granatum.